Fundraising Events


At Stuart Bell Events we have lots of ideas for fundraising events from cake bakes to gala dinners, concerts in the village hall to opera evenings. Here are just a few more:

Auction of Promises

Put your services up for sale to the highest bidder. E.G. you might agree to mow a neighbour's lawn and ask them to make a donation to the charity.

Dinner or BBQ

Invite a large group of friends of family around and charge them for the pleasure of eating your attempts at being the next Gordon Ramsay!

Boat Party

Organise a day or night on a boat with all profits going to your fundraising efforts.

Wine Tasting Evenings

Ask wine stores and clubs to donate wine for an evening of high culture and flavoursome delight. A set fee should be requested for people to attend.

Original Art Sale

Do you know the new Monet? Ask everyone you know to produce a piece of art and then hold an auction for everyone's work.

Golf Tournament

Want to put on your very own Ryder's Cup? Contact your local golf club for details of how you can play golf while raising money.

Casino Evening

People buy chips, to play and win donated prizes instead of money. Great fun, with potential for you to collect lots of money!

We'd love to become your event organiser too, so call or drop us an email and we look forward to working with you on your next event.

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